Posted on 05th, Feb 21
Why Cancelling Your Vehicle License After Getting Rid Of Your Car In WA Is A Must
If you have finally gotten rid of your unwanted car, you must have the knowledge about all the legal regulations to be kept in mind. The paperwork plays a crucial role in selling a car. One such important procedure which many people seem to miss is cancelling the vehicle license. It might sound to you as a petty task. However, the ramifications of not completing it can be pretty major. If you have not cancelled your vehicle license after disposing of your vehicle, there are chances that the new driver of your car can carry out illegal activities with your vehicle. You will be held responsible for the mistakes you haven’t committed. Hence getting your vehicle license cancelled in Western Australia is one step you must not miss at any chance.

How to Cancel your Vehicle License in Western Australia?

Now that you know it is a crucial step, let us tell you what you have to follow to cancel your vehicle’s license in Australia. We can say that this procedure will not exhaust a lot of your time and energy. You can cancel your vehicle license by either calling on the number: 13-11-56 or by reaching out to the Department of Transport Western Australia. All you need to do is surrender your vehicle license plate. You can do so by handing it over to the nearest Driver and Vehicle Services Centre or the Regional Agent. If you find it convenient to mail your vehicle license plate instead, please find below the mailing address on which you can send it-
  • Driver and Vehicle Services,
  • Returned Number Plates,
  • GPO Box R1290
  • Perth WA 6844
You can also apply for a Vehicle License refund while you surrender your Vehicle license plate.

Why Is It Important To Cancel Your Vehicle License When You Get Rid Of Your Car?

There are several reasons as to why it can be dangerous to not cancel your vehicle license after you have parted ways with your vehicle. Whether you dispose of your vehicle, sell it to a personal buyer, or give it to wreckers for cash- this legal formality must be done to ensure safety. If the new driver misuses your car in any way, you can be held responsible when:
  • They drive your vehicle even after it is “written off”
  • They carry out any illegal activity with your car
  • They break any road and traffic rules while driving your car
  • They get your car fined for wrong parking
Please note that you must also fill a Notice of Disposal form for your car while you are selling it away or giving it to wreckers. If you want all the paperwork to be done without much hassle, all you need to do is call us. We are the best Car Removals in Western Australia. We will reach your location and tow your vehicle away in no time. Our professional team guides you through all the paperwork so that you can abide by the legal regulations.

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