Posted on 31th, Mar 21
How To Calculate The Worth Of A Damaged Car?
If your car has ever been in an accident, you know exactly how many heartbeats you skip in that situation. Major or minor, car accidents can bring down the value of your car. Your car decreases as value as soon as it leaves the showroom. A road accident is sure to leave you with some ramifications. When your car gets damaged in an accident, the first thought is to claim the repair expenses or get the car replaced altogether. However, we can only wish that dealing with car insurance companies was a cakewalk. Dealing with the insurance companies can be quite a task. There are chances that you can get paid a petty amount for the repair of your car. If your car is a complete loss, you might also have to shell out some money from your own pocket. It is better to know and analyse the salvage value of your car before you do anything with it. It is mostly difficult to assess the exact damage. You might also want to take your car to a reputed mechanic for a fair assessment. However, you can also get an estimate by a few simple techniques. An accidental car loses half its value and it can be much lower if you are dealing with an insurance company. We have listed down a few ways in which you can estimate the worth of an accidental or damaged car.

Identify the make, year, and model of the car

The older is the model of your car, the lesser is the salvage value. You might want to check the year of manufacture and the model type of your car to know what you can get out of it. A little research will help you get an idea of the salvage value of your vehicle.

Trim of the car

The trim could be included in the name of the car and is also put in the salvage title which plays an important role in determining the value of your car. Cars have various trim packages which determine the components of car. Sizes of the engine, interior accommodation, suspension components, appearance, etc. are the aspects included in the trim packages of cars.

Do thorough research

If you want an estimate of the market value of your car, the internet can be your best friend. Many websites are flooded with information and can also provide you with an estimate value of your car. Some car removals and cash for car websites offer a free car evaluation online. You can check those out and get on-call for a professional car assessment.

Car Repair Facility

For your car to acquire a salvage title, it has to be repaired by a licensed automotive repair facility that deems it fit to be driven on roads. If you want to know the salvage value of your vehicle, you can approach a trusted facility and ask them to give you a fair estimated value.

Get help from your insurance company

You can take your car to the insurance company you are dealing with. They can assess the damages and provide you with an estimate. However, not all insurance companies want the best for you. Make sure that you do not settle for less. We suggest you do plenty of research and reach out to various people before you plan to give away your car. There are also many car wreckers and car removal companies that offer top cash for cars. Reach out to the nearest car wreckers and get your car evaluated for free. Do not commit to one dealer. It is always better to know what the aftermarket has to offer. If you have an accidental car, the best is to avoid the hustle of legal formalities and reach out to the nearest car wreckers. Car removals and dismantlers recycle the used car parts and sell them to various car owners. In this way, you dispose of the vehicle in an eco-friendly manner and get top cash for your car. Moreover, you get a quick and free car removal service. It is a hassle-free procedure and you will have the cash in hand by the end of the day!

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