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Guide to cancel your vehicle licence after dispose of
Have you cancelled your vehicle licence after disposing of your car in WA? If your answer is yes!! Then, you are safe. In case you haven’t canceled it through proper authorities then, you might be held responsible for the mistakes of a new driver in WA. Therefore, it’s really important to cancel your vehicle’s license ASAP.

In this Blog Today, we discuss the followings Points

  • Why one needs to cancel the vehicle’s license after getting rid of a junk car
  • Ways to cancel the Car’s license
  • Things remember to pick out from the vehicle before disposing
  • Car Removal WA – The Best Way to Remove Junk car
  • How to Approach car Removal WA

Why is it Important to cancel the vehicle’s Licence after Dispose of?

Whether you have to sell your car through private selling or dispose of to any car wrecker in WA, it doesn’t matter. You must cancel your car’s license to avoid complications for the future. For Instance- Your vehicle is driving by someone in a drinking mode & he met an accident then, obviously you will be responsible.

You will be responsible for the following situation –

  • In case your car is driven after listed as junk/scrap
  • If it involves any unlawful activity
  • Your car’s new driver might be caught in an accident
  • Your car may get some parking fine

How to cancel your Vehicle’s license in WA?

Unfortunately, the process of the vehicle’s license is simple & easy. You just have to go to the Department of Transport Australia or also can call 13 11 56. So, surrender your vehicle license plates to the vehicle service centre or to a local driver.

You can also send Registration plates to –

  • GPO Box R1290
  • Driver and Vehicle Services
  • Returned Number Plates,
  • Perth WA
While surrendering your Vehicle License Plates, Make sure to also apply for a vehicle license Refund.
Make sure to pick out below Mention Things from the vehicle before Disposal
  • Proof Of Ownership
  • Proof of ID
  • Most important to Remove the Number Plates

Car Removal WA – The Best Way to Sell Your Junk Vehicle

At Car Removal WA, you can sell your junk vehicle in just 24 hours & also can get high cash up to $9k at your doorstep. We are the authorized & reputed company in WA and have been for many years in this industry. Moreover, we have 10+ years of experts who do the work of recycling & disposals within the legal standards of WA.

Let’s have a light on some of our services-

How to Approach Car Removal WA?

  • Call us or fill an online form on the website
  • Provide some few Details to our support team, Accordingly, they offer you high cash
  • If you are satisfied with the offer then, schedule your car removal
  • At last, get instant cash & enjoy your junk car removal
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