Posted on 21th, May 20
Getting Your Vehicle Ready for winter in Western Australia
Is your car ready for winter? Yes, whatever Mother’s Nature throws at your vehicle, it should be able to handle that. In winter all we get our self-ready with warm clothes i.e. warm sweater, leather jacket & boots to tackle the Mother Nature’s throw. Isn’t it? Similarly, a vehicle should also be ready for the winter season i.e. snow, ice & freezing temperature. So, today Car Removals Perth WA will provide you with some tips for getting your vehicle ready for winter in Western Australia. The winter season i.e. snow & cold of winter can affect many auto parts of your vehicle. Therefore, whatever the suggestions we are providing you make sure to follow strictly. Otherwise, your vehicle will not work efficiently this winter.

Let Us Together Make Your Vehicle Ready for Winter Season

Inspect Your Tires-

Make sure to check your tire pressure every two to 3 weeks to ensure that they aren’t worn out. As low or unbalanced pressure may affect car braking & lead to poor handling. And if the tread is worn out then, it could lead to weak gripping on the road in winter. If the tread of your tyre is low then, it can lead to dangerous accidents on a wet road. Make sure the tyre tread doesn’t cross the legal limit (1.5mm) in starting of winter. In case, it happens then, replace your tyre.

Check Your Battery-

Most probably people use car heaters, headlights and wiper blades more than normal in winter. Right? And this could lead to affect the battery’s life span. Moreover, the average life of a battery is around 3 to 4 years. Therefore, let your mechanic run a test to check the life span of the battery & in case, it is damaged then, change it immediately.

Check Your Headlight

Checking the headlight of your car is most important before the arrival of winter. Because fog & heavy rain in winter may lead to making your visibility reduce by 80%. Make sure that people can see your car in fog or rain. The days are shorter and it’s darker for more, which means we depend on our headlights much more during winter than summer. Switch on all the lights; park lights, tail lights, pointers, low and high beams, reverse and brakes to guarantee they are working effectively. In the event that you don’t have anybody to help check your opposite and brake lights, you can utilize a window reflection to take a look at yourself. Fixing any blown globes is basic and may just take a couple of moments.


Make sure to check your windscreen wipers to ensure that there is no breakage or crack due to sunlight. And if you see any break then it’s better to replace them before winter. Also, windscreen wipers are cheap and have easy steps. Although you can easily do it yourself at home or can also hire a mechanic

Check at Antifreeze

Make sure to check the level of antifreeze as it should be proper. If it is not proper then, it can lead to having water in your freeze and radiator & preventing it from cooling your vehicle’s engine

Test the Brakes

Never forget to test the brakes and also check whether they are up to the mark of winter driving or not. As people often face the failure of brakes during snow and ice season.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

Apart from the road kit, there are other many items you should keep in your vehicle during winter. Always prepared for an emergency during winter-
  • Kitty litter
  • Ice Scraper
  • Shovel
  • Warm Boots
  • Gloves & Hat
  • Fire Starter
  • Tire Change

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